Sell Your Jewelry

Jess Jewelers buys diamonds, gemstones, fine jewelry and scrap gold!

Why Choose Jess Jewelers?

Choosing a reputable jeweler is an important and emotional part of the process when you’re selling your jewelry. With the assistance of our experienced GIA Graduate Gemologists, we’re confident that we can make you a fair and just offer for your precious jewelry and heirlooms.

Comfortable Experience

It can be difficult to part with sentimental pieces. When you meet with our staff for evaluation, you can trust that you’ll have a comfortable, stress-free experience.

Free Evaluation

At Jess Jewelers, we’ll never lock you into a commitment that you’re not ready to make. We offer free evaluations of your jewelry with no attached obligation to sell to us. Contact us for your quote today.

Consignment Options

Once we provide the evaluation, if you feel the price isn’t quite enough for what you would like to receive, we’ll provide consignment options for your excellent condition and higher-end pieces, like Diamonds and Gemstones.

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