Welcome to Jess

Jess Jewelers is a premier jewelry store located in Bradenton, Florida. We specialize in Diamonds, Gemology, custom designs, repairs and Appraisals for a wide range of jewelry products and pieces. Our Engagement ring selection is one of the most extensive in the area, and our expert team of designers, Gemologists, and jewelers are proud to work alongside clients to help ensure that every last piece we offer is nothing short of perfect.

Whether you’re looking for a new engagement ring for your significant other, or if you want to restore an old jewelry piece back to its former glory, Jess Jewelers is prepared to help. We proudly offer our services, our knowledge, and our extensive expertise to help our clients turn their unique vision into reality.


Each and every day, our mission remains providing premium jewelry pieces for our clients, while also offering impeccable expertise and unwavering service. When our clients contact us, we give them the proper care and attention that they deserve, because we know just how much their new engagement ring or their old jewelry piece means to them. Throughout nearly everything that we do, our mission is to provide an exceptional experience for our clients.


Tony Carter
Antonio Carter – Head of Security
Antonio has been associated with Jess Jewelers since 1989, but has recently joined the Jess Jewelers Team full time as our Chief of Security. Antonio is highly skilled and licensed. He is here for the safety of our customers and community. Stop in today and be sure to be greeted by Antonio with a big smile!
Darren Blum – Gemologist
Darren Blum is an accredited GIA Graduate Gemologist and Jewelry Appraiser who has more than 27 years in the industry. With a lifelong interest in gems and minerals, Darren works each and every day to lend his expertise to our clients.
Ken Alicea – Jewelry Designer
Ken has been with Jess since 2004 and in the jewelry industry for years before that.  He has studied at GIA, LaserStar, GemVision and Stuller.  His experience reaches to every aspect of jewelry, from repairs to sales to custom design and identification.
Jason Marien – Gemologist & Jeweler
Jason Marien is a Sarasota native and has been interested in jewelry making from a young age. At just 16 years old, Jason began making his own jewelry before continuing on with a professional experience domestically and internationally. Jason is an award winning gold smith.
Tina Dodge– Social Media
As the newest addition to our team, Tina is an event coordinator and social media expert. With an eye for design and an on-trend approach, Tina helps us put together concepts for new pieces.
John Steinacher – Master Jeweler
John Steinacher has been practicing jewelry making for 25 years and is one of our Master Jewelers. He is LaserStar certified and has a background in watchmaking and antique/vintage restoration, John helps us to design new jewelry pieces and to bring older pieces back to life.
Alfonso Sierra – Jeweler
Alfonso Sierra is a self-taught jeweler who began making his own pieces in Columbia at the age of 14 years old. He launched and owned his own jewelry company in Massachusetts in 1994 and began working for Jess Jewelers in 2012. Alfonso is LaserStar certified.